Flood Awareness Information

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About one-third of the parcels of land located in Stonington are within a Special Flood Hazard Area (i.e., “flood zone”). As a coastal community, the Town of Stonington’s goal is to raise awareness regarding the risks associated with flooding, provide technical assistance to mitigate these risks, and create a flood resilient community. Some of the ongoing initiatives include:

  • Coastal Resilience Study

It is important to understand what community infrastructure is vulnerable to sea level rise, coastal storm surge and severe storm events. This study provides valuable information which can be utilized by the community when making decisions regarding future development and public investment. Details about the Study can be found here: (http://www.stonington-ct.gov/planning-department/pages/stonington-ct-resiliency-plan). 

  • Community Rating System

The Town has recently been accepted into the FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) program as a level 8 community. As many properties in the Special Flood Hazard Area have flood insurance, one of the benefits of the CRS Program is that it provides eligible properties with a reduction in the flood insurance premiums. In addition to the most recognized incentive of the CRS program, implementation of a robust CRS program builds a more resilient community. Details about the CRS Program can be found here: (https://www.fema.gov/community-rating-system).         

  • Flood Awareness Newsletter

Annually, the Town issues a newsletter, which is mailed to all residents with structures in a Special Flood Hazard Area. This outreach strategy targets properties that have the highest risk from flooding and provides owners with useful information regarding: flood insurance, financial resources, flood mitigation measures, and various safety tips.  To view a copy of the latest newsletter, click here.

  • Technical Assistance

Town officials work to provide assistance with flood-related questions & general information provided to: residents, developers, contractors, insurance agents, realtors and businesses within flood hazard areas. We also provide technical assistance for map changes and flood zone determinations. 

Below is a list of other helpful links related to Flood Hazard Information including: Mapping Sources, Flood Insurance, & Flood Hazard Regulations:

Emergency Management:

  • Town of Stonington Emergency Management


  • State of Connecticut Emergency Management & Homeland Security


Flood Hazard Mapping:

  • FEMA - Flood Map Service Center


  • Town of Stonington - Geographic & Property Information System Mapping Center


  • FEMA – Map Amendment process


Flood Insurance Information:

  • National Flood Insurance Program - Floodsmart.gov


  • FEMA – Flood Insurance Reform


  • FEMA – Resources for Property Owners and Renters, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents and Community Officials


  • Elevation Certificates


Development Tools:

  • Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Desk Reference


  • Local Flood Hazard Regulations – Town of Stonington Zoning Regulations: Section 7.7


USGS - Local Tide and River Gage Information:

  • Pawcatuck River at Westerly (USGS 01118500)


  • Watch Hill Cove Tide Gage, Westerly, RI (USGS 411838071513000)



If you have any flood related questions please contact the Town Engineer & Floodplain Manager at (860) 535-5076.