Rat Prevention

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The Town of Stonington and the Ledge Light Health District want to remind everyone to be vigilant about rat and mice prevention.  A few highlights include:

  1. Do not feed or provide water to animals outside (including birds/squirrels) as rats and mice are attracted to the same feed/birdseed.
  2. Stonington Zoning has a 20,000 ft minimum lot size for chickens, and they must be kept in a way to prevent health concerns. 
  3. Put trash out in covered containers on the morning of pick-up
  4. Eliminate brush and debris, especially around foundations and walls
  5. Seal holes in foundations, doors/screen and where pipes enter foundations.
  6. If rats/mice persist and/or get into your home, contact a licensed CT pest control operator (list of three provided in prevention info).

For more information, Click here for an informative flyer , Click here for more detailed information or contact LLHD at 860-448-4882 and ask for a sanitarian.