Police Officer Applicants

Hiring Process
1. Applicants wishing to obtain a position of police officer with the Stonington Police Department must first complete a written exam, which is offered through the Law Enforcement Council of Eastern Connecticut (LEC).  Information pertaining to the periodic written exams can be obtained by calling 860-887-1214 or going to the LEC website.

2. Once applicants successfully pass the regional written exam, depending on the requested parameters, eligible candidates will be invited to participate in a physical agility test.  The agility test consists of sit and reach test, sit ups in a minute test, bench press test, and timed 1.5 mile run.  Targets for the agility test can be obtained through the Stonington Police Department or through the LEC website.

3. Candidates that successfully complete the agility test will be invited to an oral board test where police officers ask candidates questions

4. Those candidates that rank within the appropriate parameters as a result of the oral board phase will continue on to the background phase of the hiring process.

5. Those candidates that successfully pass the background phase of the hiring process will be invited to an oral board interview with the Board of Police Commissioners.

6. A candidate or candidates that are selected by the Board of Police Commissioners to receive a conditional offer of employment need to successfully complete polygraph, physical and psychological exams in order to be hired.

7. A candidate that is hired will be required to attend and successfully complete 22 weeks of training at the Connecticut Municipal Police Academy in Meriden, CT.  The candidate must also successfully complete a field training officer program and a probation period following graduation from the police academy.  

Applicants can register with the Law Enforcement Council of Eastern Connecticut to take the entry level written examination, given on a monthly basis, by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope (#10 business/legal size) to:

Law Enforcement Council
401 W. Thames Street, Unit 2401
Norwich, CT 06360

Applicants will be scheduled and notified when and where the written examination will be given.

For more information, contact:  Les Williams, Jr., Director or Tina Main, Administrative Assistant 860-887-1214