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Where can I get a copy of the State foodservice regulations?
One need only look at the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health website,, under “Food Protection Program.”  There is additional  information  there that is relevant to a foodservice operator, current  or prospective.

What is required if I take over someone’s existing foodservice business?
Foodservice licenses are not transferable so a new application and fee must be submitted.  Also, the status of the Qualified Food Operator (QFO) has to be addressed.  If change of ownership results in the loss of the QFO, someone else must acquire the credential. The State website does have a listing of QFO course sponsors to consult.  A change of ownership inspection is conducted by the sanitarian upon notification.  

What is the current requirement concerning grease traps?
Basically, existing Class III and IV foodservice establishments must have in place by July 1, 2011 an external passive grease trap of proper size or an internal automatic grease recovery unit.  Brand new, newly owned or renovated establishments require immediate compliance with this DEP regulation.  See for general permit details.