Energy Assistance

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Stonington Human Services has been a local fuel bank for the last fifteen years, participating with Operation Fuel, TVCCA, and United Way energy assistance grant programs.  Income guidelines for TVCCA’s programs range from a max of 200% of the federal poverty guidelines (CEAP) to 60% of the State Median Income (CHAP).  Assistance amounts are based on established guidelines regarding family size and vulnerability.  We begin taking applications in August each year.

Operation Fuel and United Way offer complementary energy assistance programs in an effort to help keep residents warm during the cold winter months, avoid power shutoffs, and address other crisis situations. Guidelines for these programs are also adjusted each year with changes in the economy.

Residents with Eversource “metered” electric or gas heating services are also eligible for heating assistance.  In addition, applicants who have been approved for the TVCCA program (both CEAP & CHAP) are eligible for the Matching Payment Programs (MPP) offered by Eversource.   The program puts those qualified on a budget plan and will match all payments made during the winter heating month (November through April) dollar for dollar in an effort to reduce the customer’s balance to zero.  Human Services can help with these programs as well as a low-budget worksheet that may reduce the monthly payment even more. 

Unsure if you qualify?  Call (860) 535-5015 to schedule an appointment.