Medicare Insurance Counseling (CHOICES)

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Medicare Insurance Counseling (CHOICES)

  • Are you baffled by Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D?

  • Are you receiving mail advertising “special help” in paying for these programs?

  • Do you need help understanding the new rules associated with any of these?

  • Are you confused about when you should sign up for Social Security?

First and foremost, be careful!  Much of the mail you are receiving (if you are approaching retirement age) may look “official,” but may actually be advertising.  Seniors have reported getting phone calls from people they do not know soliciting “Medicare” programs.  Be safe!  Contact us for the information you need regarding your Medicare programs.

Human Services has an experienced CHOICES counselor on staff offering personal & confidential appointments for Stonington residents to discuss Medicare options, supplemental insurances, Medigap policies, HMOs, “special help” for Medicare Part D, Medicare Buy-in programs, state pharmaceutical programs, Social Security, and so on. Home visits are also available for residents who are homebound.

You may be eligible to have your Medicare Parts B and D premiums paid for you!

Medicare Part B, the part of your Medicare that pays your doctor’s visits, out-patient testing, etc. costs $134/month as of 1/1/2018. Medicare Part D premiums vary depending on the plan chosen. Both are required unless the Medicare beneficiary has creditable coverage through employment, a retirement plan, VA, or other “credible” plan.  The State of CT offers a program called the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) that will pay these premiums for income qualified seniors. The income limits for 2017 are $2,472/month for an individual and $3,328 for a married couple.  The program also guarantees that your prescription drugs will never be more than $8.35 per prescription (with a generic drugs as low as $3.35) and there is never a “donut hole” nor is there an open-enrollment period. Furthermore, the program offers seniors with monthly incomes under $2,120/month ($2,854 for married couples) supplemental insurance coverage (QMB).

So, where can you apply? Stonington Human Services has the application for this program, as well as trained staff to help. Because it is a “self-declared” program, the application is the only paperwork needed; the CT Department of Social Services will check all income through the appropriate state and federal agencies. 

Please contact Human Services for more information, an application, or an appointment with a certified CHOICES counselor, who will explain the program guidelines and answer any other questions you may have.