Recyclable Items

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Remember: All items should be clean. No broken glass please.


At the Curb - in 'Blue Box' Additional Items that can be Recycled at the Transfer Station
#1-7 plastics (Watch the Video)
Fluorescent light bulbs
Drink boxes
Flattened corrugated cardboard (approx. 24"x36")*
Milk & Juice cartons
Car Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries
Aluminum cans, foil & pie plates
Tin cans
Scrap metal
Glass bottles & jars (lids removed)
Uncontaminated automobile waste oil, antifreeze
Books (small quantities)
Books (large quantities)
Magazine & Magazine quaity catalogs
Clothing, clean rags, toys, ect. (Salvation Army Bin)
Boxboard (cereal, tissue, cereal & pasta (liners removed - boxes flattened)
Reusable items
Junk Mail
Brown paper bags
Oil-base and Latex Paint
Flattened & bundled cardboard
Cooking Oil
Propane Tanks

These items are not presently recycled in your 'blue box' but are accepted for disposal at the landfill

Glass Exceptions Paper Exceptions Metal Exceptions Plastic Exceptions
Plate Glass Food Contaminated Paper Large Appliances (these can be recycled at the Transfer Station Motor Oil Bottle
Pyrex Cookware Used tissues and paper towels   Swimming Pools
Ceramics (plates, cups, mugs) Plastic Coated Paper (Ice cream boxes and frozen food boxes)   Large Toys
Drinking Glasses     Plastic Bags and Film
Light Bulbs     Styrofoam
      Shipping Peanuts


  • Do not include food contaminated paper with your recyclables.
  • Styrofoam (with or without the #6 recycling symbol) is not recyclable.
  • Please do not put recyclables in plastic shopping bags