Alarm Registrations


Any resident or business that has an alarm system is required by Town Ordinance to register the alarm system with the Stonington Police Department annually.  The ordinance calls for an annual fee of $10.00 per alarm.  Alarm registration forms are mailed out to all currently registered alarm owners in December for the following calendar year.  The ordinance allows for three (3) false alarm activations per year without penalty.  Subsequent false alarm activations will be charged according to the schedule below:

Activations 4-6: $25/false activation

Activations 7-10: $50/false activation

11 and above: $100/false activation

Invoices for false alarm activations are mailed out at the beginning of each month and are payable upon receipt.

Please notify the Police Department of any changes in keyholders or keyholder information.  

If there are any questions regarding alarm registrations, please feel free to contact Natalie Mitchell at 860-599-7510 or Sgt. Louis Diamanti at 860-599-4411. 

Download: Alarm Registration Form

Forms are also available at Police Headquarters through the Records Department.