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The Director of Assessment is the governmental official responsible for establishing the value of property for ad valorem tax purposes; for discovering, listing and valuing all taxable and tax-exempt properties; and to ensure that the individual property owner’s value is proper so that the owner pays no more than their fair share of the property tax. In the performance of these duties, assurance is made that no property escapes the assessment process or is under assessed and that no property owner received unauthorized preferential treatment. Revaluations are completed every five years in conformity with the Connecticut General Statutes and Revaluation Performance Standards. Development and updating of information is conducted on an ongoing basis, including modernization of computerized records of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles. Duties are performed in compliance with State of Connecticut mandated General Statues.

Welcome Homeowner:

On behalf of the Town of Stonington, we would like to welcome you to our community. We would also like to make you aware of some programs available to you.  If you feel you qualify for any of the following programs, please contact the Assessor's Office at (860) 535-5098.

If you wish to change your mailing address for tax bills click to print out the form.

  1. Veterans: If you are a veteran of any war period so declared in the Connecticut General Statutes, you may be entitled to an exemption. You must provide an original or certified copy of your Honorable Discharge or similar document to the Stonington Town Clerk. The dates of eligibility change often, so contact the Assessor’s office to make sure you qualify. Filing Deadline: September 30th.
  2. Veterans with less than honorable discharge: Section 12-91(19) as amended by P.A. 18-47. Veterans with other than honorable discharge having a qualifying condition, which means a diagnosis of post traumatic distress disorder or traumatic brain injury, or a military sexual trauma experience may be entitled to an exemption.  The veteran cannot have been discharged under dishonorable or for bad conduct conditions.  Proof must be submitted from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.
  3. Additional Veterans' Exemption: If you receive a veteran’s exemption you or your spouse may be eligible for an additional reduction in taxes for the next assessment year. This program has certain income requirements.  Filing Period: February 1st through October 1st.

  4. Active Duty Military and Active Duty National Guard: If you have 90 days or more cumulative service during a designated war period you may be entitled to an exemption.  You must provide a letter stating active duty status, filed annually by September 30th with the Town Clerk.  If you have a vehicle you may also be entitled to an exemption of that vehicle. Contact our office for more information regarding a vehicle exemption.
  5. Leased Vehicle Exemptions: Active Duty Military/National Guard and Veterans may be entitled to a refund of taxes for a leased vehicle. Either the Active Duty Military Vehicle form or the Veterans Leased Vehicle form is required to be filed with the assessor.  Filing Deadline: Not later than the thirty-first day of December next following the assessment year during which such tax was paid.
    1. Active Duty Military Vehicle Form

    2. Veterans Leased Vehicle Form 

  6. Disabled Veterans: Veterans claiming disability exemptions must submit proof from the Veterans’ Administration to the Assessor during the assessment period stating the percentage of disability in order to receive the proper amount of exemption. A subsequent filing is required only when there is a change in the percentage of disability.  Filing Deadline: You may file until the Board of Assessment Appeals completes its duties.

  7. Disabled Veterans Aged 65 or Older: If you qualify for a veteran’s disability exemption and you are over 65, the exemption may be increased to the equivalent of a 100% disability rating. If you qualify, provide us proof of age.

  8. Non-Resident Active Duty Military:  A non-resident active duty military service person stationed in Connecticut on military orders may be eligible to an exemption of all personal property listed in the "Service Members Civil Relief Act" including motor vehicles owned by the service member and/or spouse. Click here to download application form.

  9. 100% Totally Disabled: Under certain circumstances, residents who are receiving permanent disability benefits under the Federal Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance Program or certain other qualifying programs may be entitled to receive a $1,000 property exemption upon submission of qualifying proof to the Assessor. Click here to download application form. Filing Deadline: Filed until the completion of the Assessor’s Duties; Signing of the Grand List.

    If you qualify for this exemption you may also qualify for the Elderly/Disabled Homeowner's exemption. This program has certain income requirements. Filing Period: February 1st through May 15th.

  10. Blind: If you or your spouse is legally blind you may be entitled to a $3,000 exemption off your assessment. A Certificate of Blindness from a licensed physician or a Certificate of Blindness from State of Connecticut Board of Education and Services for the Blind is required.  Filing Deadline: File until the signing of the Grand List; January 31st.

  11. Elderly or Disabled Exemption Programs: If you are a resident and the owner of the property and you or your spouse is over 65 or considered to be permanently disabled, you may be eligible for a reduction in taxes. This program has certain income requirements. Contact the Assessor’s office if you believe you may qualify.  Filing Period: February 1st through May 15th.

  12. Handicapped Equipped Vehicles: Under Stonington Town Ordinances, local exemptions are available to owners of certain private vehicles equipped for transportation of the handicapped. Click here to download application form. Details are available from the Assessor.

  13. Solar Exemptions:  Under §12-81(57) of the Connecticut General Statutes a property tax exemption is mandatory for residential property owners for any passive or active solar energy system, solar water space heating system or geothermal energy resources. Class I renewable energy sources or an eligible hydropower facility may also be entitled to a tax exemption. A  property owner must file an exemption application before November 1st in the first assessment year for which the exemption is claimed.  Click here to download the Solar and Geo-Thermal Heating Exemption form.

  14. Tax Exempt OrganizationConnecticut General Statutes §12-81(7), (10), (11), and (16) require the filing of a Tax Exempt Return seeking property tax exempt status. Click here for further information and links to the required application forms.

  15. Antique Vehicles: Vehicles registered or non-registered, 20 years or older that are defined as an antique, rare or special interest motor vehicle, in accordance with the provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes Section 14-1, as amended by Public Act 08-150, Section 1, shall not be assessed more than $500. Filing Deadline: Owner must file Antique Vehicle Affidavit before the signing of the Grand List; January 31st. 

    The Town of Stonington offers many other programs to its residents. Please contact Human Services or the Stonington Public Schools Department as appropriate for information.

Jennifer Lineaweaver, Director of Assessment


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Lineaweaver Director (860) 535-5098
Derek Berube Deputy Assessor (860) 535-5098
Adele Adriano Boutin Assessor's Assistant (860) 535-5098
Nancy Dunne Assessor's Assistant (860) 535-5098