Board of Assessment Appeals

In accordance with Sec. 12-111 and Sec. 12-117 the Board of Assessment Appeals shall meet during the month of April 2020. The meeting dates are determined by the number of applications for appeals submitted to the Board. The Board shall also meet in September for the sole purpose of hearing only motor vehicle appeals that appear on the preceding October 1st Grand List.

Written applications for appeals must be submitted to the Board by 4:00 p.m. March 20, 2020 for assessments on the October 1, 2019 Grand List. The written application must contain certain information about the appellant, the owner, and the property for which the application is being submitted. The application may be delivered by mail, hand delivered to the Assessor’s Office, or faxed (the original must follow by mail). Only those submitting an application will be given a hearing date by the Board.

For the convenience of the applicant, applications to appeal an assessment to the Board of Assessment Appeals will also be available in the Assessor’s Office on February 1, 2020.

If you wish to appeal your assessment do the following:
File an application to appeal on or before  March 20, 2020 (Application Forms are available in the Assessor’s Office or by clicking here.)

Include all the required information on the application to appeal.

Appear, in person or be represented by an authorized individual, before the Board of Assessment Appeals at the date, time and place shown in your notification from the Board. An agent authorization form is required if you will be represented by an agent which can be obtained by clicking here.

Information to Include on the Application to Appeal:
Sec.12-111 requires that the application to appeal an assessment must contain certain information and items. The minimum requirements are:

  • Property owner’s name
  • Name and position of the person signing the appeal application
  • Description of the property
  • Name and Address of the person to whom correspondence to be sent
  • Reason for appeal
  • Appellant’s estimate of value
  • Signature of the property owner or that of his duly authorized agent (attach authorization)
  • Date on which the appeal application is signed

Click here to download: Instructions Application

Application and Meeting Deadlines:
Pursuant to Sec.12-111 and Sec.12-117, as amended, property owners wishing to appeal their assessment before the Board of Assessment Appeals must submit a written application to the Board of Assessment Appeals by 4:00 p.m. March 20th. 

The Board will review the written application, determine their meeting dates and inform owners of a hearing date and time.

The Board of Assessment Appeals will mail a written notice of the date, time and place of an appeal hearing to each applicant. 

The notice of the hearing date will be mailed by the Board no later than March 1, and at least seven calendar days before the date of the hearing.

In the case of inclement weather, please call the Assessor’s Office at (860) 535-5098 for instructions regarding postponement or cancelation of your hearing.

Right to Appeal the Decision of the Board of Assessment Appeals:
You may appeal the decision of the Board of Assessment Appeals to the Superior Court in accordance with Sec.-117a.  The appeal must be filed within two months of the date of the mailing of the notice of the Board's decision to the Superior Court for the district in which the town of Stonington is situated.  (Please consult your legal counsel regarding court filing requirements.)

Motor Vehicle Appeal:
In accordance with Sec. 12-111 and Sec. 12-117 the Board of Assessment Appeals shall meet at least once during the month of September for the sole purpose of hearing only appeals for motor vehicles that appear on the October 1, 2019 Grand List.  

The September meeting and corresponding petition are solely for motor vehicles listed on the October 1st Grand List. The petitions are submitted at the time of the appeal. There are no appointments for the September Board hearings. The petitioner or agent must appear in person on the appeal date. Appeals at the September meeting are heard on a first come-first served basis. The appeal date will be posted on the website or may be obtained by contacting the Assessor's office at (860) 535-5098. 

Click here to download:  InstructionsApplication 

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Name Title
Stephen Palmer Chair
Karen O'Keefe Member
Pamela Johnstone Alternate Member
Gisela Harma Member
Melinda Carlisle Alternate Member