Cultural District Commission

The Town hereby establishes a Cultural District Commission to satisfy the following requirements:

1.  It shall be made up of a minimum of seven (7) members, at least six (6) of whom must represent the Town’s arts and culture community, and at least four (4) of whom must live or work within the Cultural Districts described in Subsection A of this ordinance.  At its inception, two (2) members shall be appointed for one-year terms, two (2) members shall be appointed for two-year terms, and three (3) members shall be appointed for three (3) year terms. Thereafter, all regular members shall be appointed for three (3) year terms.  There shall also be five (5) alternate members of the Commission.  Alternate members may be seated for absent regular members as deemed necessary for fulfilling the mission of said Commission.  Terms for alternates will be two (2) years.

2. As reasonably possible, the members should include a representative of the following categories: a member from a local cultural or arts council; a member from an historical society, museum or ethnic heritage organization; an artist who lives or works in one of the two Districts; a local business owner; and a for-profit creative business.

3.  Provide annual reports to the Board of Selectmen and the Borough Warden and Burgesses.

You can read the full ordinance here.

Board Members

Name Title
R. Douglass Rice
Laura Hopkins
Anthony Caporale
Gabriella Radujko
Paul Geise
Elizabeth Wood
Matthew Beaudoin
Jessica Cerullo Alternate
Susan Lavender Fornara Alternate
Marya Ursin Alternate
Sandra Alexander Alternate
Daniel Brandl Alternate