2022 Residential Revaluation Information

Department of Assessment 2022 Residential Revaluation Information

The Department of Assessment encourages all residents with any questions relating to the revaluation process to contact them (860-535-5098). The Department recognizes the significance of this project on our Town and welcomes residents to reach out at any time so they can provide assistance. Whether residents have questions on their new valuations, the project as a whole, or need assistance in searching for comparable properties or researching any other data, we can help navigate property owners through the process.

Here is a brief overview of the process going forward:

Residential property owners have until December 28th to schedule an informal hearing with Vision Governmental Solutions (contact can be found on your assessment). Hearings are being scheduled through the middle of January for residential properties.

The goal is to file the Grand List by the deadline of January 31st. At that point, we will mail final valuation notices to all properties in town (residential and commercial). Property owners will have until February 17, 2023 to file a formal petition to the Board of Assessment Appeals. Providing we do not need a Grand List extension, the Board of Assessment Appeals will conduct their meetings in March.

If property owners disagree with the findings of the Board of Assessment Appeals, they have ninety days to file suit in Superior Court.

After the filing of the Grand List, the Board of Finance will work with the First Selectman on the Town's budget process. It will be during that timeframe when residents will be able to see potential tax implications. For example, during the 2008 revaluation the Grand List grew by nearly $1 million, and the mill rate when from 21.73 down to 15.1. Alternatively, during the 2013 revaluation the grand list decreased by nearly $600,000, and the mill rate increased from 15.89 to 19.88. 

Just to give a hypothetical example from the 2008 revaluation and budget cycle. That year, if your home was originally worth $400,000 and went up to $500,000 in assessed value, after the decrease in mill rate, the taxes would have decreased by $634.

Residents can also find a presentation attached, sharing a general overview of the 2022 Residential Revaluation process. Thank you Stonington. 

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