Budget Results

budget breakdown

Today, Tuesday April 26, 2022 the Town of Stonington held its annual Budget Referendum. The budget was approved 523-381, with a 6% voter turnout. 

We wish to thank everyone who took the time to engage in this democratic process. Each year budget meetings begin in January and run through April. The creation of the budget takes months of effort from staff, volunteers on our Town Boards- in particular our Board of Finance, as well as the many nonprofits who serve our community. 

We highly encourage all residents to reach out to learn more about how to be involved in the budget process and the ongoing work of the Town government, which is only possible thanks to the dedication of staff and the many volunteers who take forward the various aspects of work required by local government. 

You can reach out to the First Selectman's Office with questions or to learn more about opportunities for getting more involved in your community.