Stonington, CT Resiliency Plan Harbor

Planning for sea level rise and extreme weather events will protect the people and places we love!

Stonington has a long and proud history of settlement dating back to 1649 and we want it to thrive well into the future. Current changes in weather patterns and projected sea level rise present significant challenges for our coastal community and the Town is starting to plan in order to better understand the extent of risks we will face in the future and to identify things we can do to adapt and respond to these risks. This resiliency plan is about being wise, planning ahead, and protecting people, places, and investments:

  • protect public infrastructure from coastal flooding and sea level rise

  • minimize potential for loss of life and destruction to property

  • minimize the expenditures associated with repeated repairs to public infrastructure after storms

  • identify ways to enhance coastal resources

Broad public engagement in this resiliency planning will provide the best chances for success for our efforts and the best use of public and private resources. Please become involved!

Click here to view the final plan.

Click Here to view the July 17th Presentation

Click Here to view the May 4th Presentation.


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