Health and Community Support

Mental Health Matters

In addition to the physical health impacts, please know there are also resources for mental health support during this challenging time. Your mental health matters. 

In October we created a short video featuring LLHD and Stonington Human Services to share information regarding steps we can be taking to help mitigate the community spread in our region and various resources we have in place to help with mental health during this challenging time. You can view the video here.

Working with our team at human services we also created a video focusing on mental wellness, which can be found here. 

  • Through the Town of Stonington residents are able to access individual and family counseling services at no cost.  Call us at Human Services (860) 535-5015 to schedule an intake appointment and be matched with one of our mental health professionals.  Please also see here for a list of state resources, call us at human service or call 2-1-1 for assistance. The hotline is available 24 hours a day. 
  • We also know that social isolation can amplify issues at home.  If you are concerned about a relationship and would like someone to talk to, call CT Safe Connect – (888) 774-2900.  Safe Futures is also available 24/7 via their confidential crisis line (860) 701-6001. Please know, you are not alone.
  • Moreover, if you would like assistance with grocery deliveries, pet supplies, or might benefit from a friendly check-in (even book drop offs), please visit the SHARE website,, or call us at Town Hall or Human Services. If you have any other needs, or know of others in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. We have many different options to assist residents in need. You can also view a video we created with SHARE, offering an overivew of their volunteer services. 

The CDC also recommends positive ways to cope with stress, such as taking breaks from watching the news or reading about the pandemic; taking care of your body by being physically active; eating healthy; getting plenty of sleep; stretching or practicing meditation; staying engaged in activities you enjoy and staying connected to others even though we are physically distancing from each other. Spending time in nature, on trails, and other open spaces is another effective way to cope. Join Hike Stonington to find more local spots and be part of a community initiative.  Just remember to be at least six feet apart at all times.

It also remains imperative that we all please use a face cover whenever you are unable to maintain the recommended six feet of distance. We know that a significant portion of individuals lack symptoms, but can transmit the virus to others. Please continue to take steps to protect yourself and those around you, these include: wash your hands often and thoroughly; avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth; disinfect surfaces routinely; cough into your elbow. Remember this is not just for your safety, but the most vulnerable in our community. 

While this is an extremely difficult time; it is also a time for us to show just how kind and strong we are, together as a community. Remember, even small actions, can make a big difference. If you are well and able, please think of friends, family and neighbors who might benefit from your help at this time, as well as our local non-profits and business.

Please also consider joining one (or ALL) of our new Facebook groups, specifically set up to support Stonington residents during COVID and beyond:

  • Stonington Connects (established at the beginning of the pandemic to connect residents with virtual enrichment and rec opportunities
  • Stonington Supports (solely focused on highlighting programs to assist with basic needs, mental health and other local, regional and federal catchment programs); and
  • Stonington Works (a place for local businesses to share opportunities and residents seeking employment to network with one another).  

If you have questions, ideas or concerns please contact us in the First Selectman's Office. 

We will get through this together.

Please stay safe Stonington. 

Danielle Chesebrough, Stonington First Selectma