Sustainable Stonington

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Town of Stonington launched a new initiative- Sustainable Stonington. The focus is to ensure the Town is embarking on projects that enhance our ability to be a resilient, collaborative, and forward-looking community.

In 2018, the Board of Selectmen passed a resolution to become a registered town in the Sustainable CT program (see resolution here). To further advance this effort, the Town will now embark upon becoming a bronze or silver certified community in 2020. In addition to the benefits the specific actions outlined as part of the Sustainable CT program have for the community, these efforts can also open up additional funding and resources for the community’s sustainability focused efforts.

The current Board of Selectman have already made working on Sustainable CT one of their priorities, working with existing boards, commissions, and taskforces. Over the coming weeks, a full review of past and existing efforts the community has taken will conducted and made public. As this work gets underway, we welcome new ideas and feedback.

As part of the first effort in this new program, all community members are invited to participate in the Pollinator Pathway Project