Waterfront Commission


Section 1.  There is created in the Town of Stonington a Waterfront Commission consisting of seven (7) members who shall be electors of said Town and who shall serve without pay.  The members of said Commission shall be appointed by the Selectmen of the Town of Stonington.  On July 1, 1967, and annually thereafter on the first day of July as vacancies shall arise, each member shall be appointed by the Selectmen for a term of five (5) years from the date of appointment and until his successor is appointed and qualified.  In the event of the death or resignation of any such member, the Selectmen shall appoint a successor to serve the unexpired portion of the term of said member. More


Name Title
Ethan Grimes Member
Sandy Grimes Chair
Alene Whipple Member
Stephanie Hayes-Houlihan Member
Michael Grimshaw Member
Robert Guzzo Member
Eugene Pfeifer Member