Mystic Harbor Management Commission

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Information for Visiting Boaters

By David Carreau, MHMC Chairman

Entrance to the Mystic River estuary from Fishers Island Sound is primarily via the Federally marked Channel.  This channel is to the west, adjacent to the Village of Noank.  In addition, there is the East Fairway adjacent to Masons Island, marked with six ten-foot pilings for small craft only.  This joins the federal channel where the river narrows, at the mid-point of Masons Island going north.  There is a small transient anchorage area north of Masons Island entered via the Auxiliary Channel to the east, also marked with pilings.  


The Federal Channel proceeds north, passing through the village of Mystic with its railroad and Route #1 bridges.  The federal channel ends at the northern boundary of the Mystic Seaport Museum.   North of the Seaport there is an historic channel to the Village of Old Mystic.  The first leg of the channel by the cemetery is again marked with pilings (installation anticipated summer 2018).  Beyond that, going north, local knowledge is needed.  To the west of the pilings, there is a large transient anchorage area.   The portion to the west is shallow.  To the east, North of the Seaport, is the new Mystic River Boathouse Park of the Town of Stonington with its' student rowing program. Mystic does not offer public transient moorings but several marinas along the river do.


Public dinghy docks provide access to shore on both sides of the river in the center of the Village of Mystic between the two bridges.  Between the highway bridge and the Seaport there is an additional dinghy dock on the east side.  The new Boathouse Park, north of the Seaport is in the process of being developed and a dinghy dock is planned.  Private shore access is also available at the marinas and boatyards as well as the Mystic Seaport Museum.


Masons Island Harbor Master: Rufus Allyn 860-536-1677

Mystic River Harbor Master: Don Procko 203-987-8300


Commission Members

Name Title
Frederick Allard Commission Member
Louis Allyn Commission Member
David Carreau Chairman
Rodney Cook Commission Member
Kenneth Scott Commission Member
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