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Summary of the Community Meeting on Short-Term Rentals  »

Stonington’s “Community Conversation” meetings are utilized to offer residents different ways to engage outside of the...

Special Town Meeting - June 27, 2022 - 7PM »



Community Conversation – Short-Term Rentals  »

Join us for an evening of dialogue. This interactive event will offer opportunities for residents to share their ideas...

Our municipal government, consisting of staff, elected officials and volunteers, use a diverse range of communication channels to share information.

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You can also sign-up to receive email updates for various Town events and meetings, as well as alerts when new documents are posted to the site. And if you decide that you no longer want to receive notices, you can remove your name from the list.

Please know you are still encouraged to visit the Website often as not all relevant information can be shared through this system.

There is also a non-Town resource that you may want to explore- Connecticut Public Notices lists notices, such as Town meetings, Elections, Planning and Zoning hearings, etc. You can specify Stonington in the search and choose the name of the paper where the notice is published. The Town uses both The Day and The Westerly Sun, so it is worth checking both.

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May in Review »

Dear Stonington, 

Fishing Fleet

April in Review »

Dear Stonington, 

Stone Acres Farm

March in Review »

Dear Stonington,