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*Trash Bag Notice-November 15, 2017

We have recently received some complaints about the "Stonington Yellow Bags" and want to address those concerns.  Over the past several months we have experienced several issues with bag quality which we have requested Waste Zero, the bag vendor, to correct.  They include structural issues with the drawstring, color inconsistency, and what appeared to be mil thickness.  Most of these issues do not appear to be batch-wide but rather sporadic production issues which were undetected by quality control.  Additionally, we have had ongoing issues with the delivery and stocking of the bag which fails to meet contractual requirements.  According to the manufacturer, although the color issue created a less visually pleasing bag it was in no way related to the strength or mil thickness of the bag and was unrelated to the issues of the malfunctioning drawstring.  Although the bag size remains the same, construction of the drawstring reduces the circumference of the bag opening.  It still will hold the same amount of trash.  We have been dissatisfied with the current bag/bag vendor for several months and have tried to work with the vendor to correct these problems quickly.  The most recent delivery of bags, most of which are not on store shelves yet, appear to meet our current standards for both quality and color.  

The current contract, which is five years old, is about to expire and these problems, coupled with a slow response, have caused us to solicit bids for a new contract.  This bid opening is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21, 2017 and we expect to have a new contract in place soon after the opening.  In the meantime, any bag with a structural failure can be returned to the Town Hall for replacement.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our residents and hope to have all issues with the bag resolved as soon as possible.  If you have any questions please feel free to call John Phetteplace or Jen Stackpole at the Solid Waste Office @ 860-535-5099.


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