Staff Commentaries

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Staff Commentaries are short opinion position papers created by the Department of Planning in response to frequently addressed issues or complicated matters.  These commentaries are intended to be reasonably informal and are not intended to be a legal opinion or a definitive land use law analysis, both of which the Department is not capable of providing.  The commentaries are intended to be thought-provoking, and to enable the public to access the Department’s position on certain topics.
Ultimately, these opinion papers should be considered biased.
Document Description
Building Story Defining "Story" as it Pertains to a Building
Density Benefits of Compact Residential Development
Floating Zones Creation Requirements for Floating Zones - 3/9/2007 update
Noise Noise Regulations and Ordinances
Non-Conforming Uses Legal Non-Conforming Uses
RLUIPA Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act
Spot Zoning Spot Zoning as Related to Zone Changes
ZR Zoning Regulation for the Promotion of Good Project Design