Records Requests

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Copies of records may be requested from the Records Department at Police Headquarters either in person during business hours, by mail, phone or fax. Please include as much information as possible(i.e., case number, name of involved parties, date, time, location, type of incident). Please be aware that all requests are subject to review by the head of the Records Department at Police Headquarters and may be denied according to the Freedom of Information Act. Requests generally take anywhere from one to five business days depending on the request and the amount of information requested. Applicable fees will be applied (see below) and are payable upon receipt of records. PRE-PAYMENT IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO RECORDS BEING RELEASED.

Fees For Copies of Reports

Fees For Copies of Photographs
Color $3.00/Photo
Black & White $1.00/Photo
Disks with Images $3.00 Each