Onsite Septic Systems, Additions/Accessory Structures and Wells

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Ledge Light reviews all proposed and existing lots that are served by onsite septic and/or wells and issues approvals for said lots.  

Our applications for service include those for soils testing , septic permit application for new or repaired septic systems, lot review for subdivisions or single lots and any proposed change in the lot covered by Connecticut Public Health Code Section 19-13-B100a additions-horizontal and vertical, accessory structures like decks/pools/sheds/detached garages, changes in use from seasonal to year round an/or adding bedroom/flow, or lot line revisions.

Ledge Light conducts plan reviews for lots served by onsite septic and/or wells for commission/subdivision reviews and for single lot reviews.

Soils Testing form http://www.llhd.org/Soils%20Testing%20Form%202017.pdf

Septic Permit Application http://www.llhd.org/Septic%20Permit.pdf

Application for Building Addition, Change in Use, Accessory Structure, or Lot Line Change http://www.llhd.org/pdfs/B100aForm0517.pdf

Septic Plan Review Application http://www.llhd.org/Plan%20Review%20Form%202017.pdf

Information about wells http://www.llhd.org/wells

Ryan McCammon is the primary land use (septic and wells) sanitarian and can be reached at 860-535-5010 or rmccammon@llhd.org with any questions.