Format for Agendas & Minutes

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Must be emailed no less than 24 hours before a meeting to the Town Clerk's Office ( so that the Town Clerk's Office may post to the meeting board and on the Town's website. Agenda must include:
  • Name of Board/Commission
  • Regular meeting or special meeting
  • Date, Time, location of meeting
  • Call to Order
  • Business to be conducted
  • Adjournment
If the Commission holds a special meeting, no business other than that on the posted agenda may be discussed at a special meeting (example-no old business or new business). Items cannot be added to the agenda.
Executive session agendas must specify the business to be considered and not just recite the executive session exemption of the FOI Act on which the agency is relying.

Information to include in the Minutes:

  • Date, time and location of meeting.
  • Type of meeting, i.e. special or regular.
  • Commission members in attendance. Those absent.
  • If member arrives late, note the member's name and time of arrival.
  • Time meeting called to order.
  • A short description of the business transacted.    
  • Votes
    • Name of person making motion
    • Name of person seconding motion.
    • Indicate if motion is approved (such as " it was so voted" or it was unanimously approved").
    • If not approved unanimously, indicate which members voted for and which members voted against.
  • Time meeting is adjourned.
  • It is required by statute that the minutes be available to the public for prompt inspection within 7 days of the meeting.
  • It is required that the votes of the meeting be put in writing and available within 48 hours, not including weekends or holidays.
  • In the case of special meetings, the 7 day requirement excludes weekends and holidays.
  • Minutes (draft & approved) are to be emailed to the Town Clerk's Office (  The Town Clerk's Office will post minutes of the meeting to the minutes book and also to the Town's website.  Once minutes are approved the Town Clerk's Office will copy the minutes into the book and also post to the Town's website.


Executive Session:

A Board/Commission may close a portion of its meeting by a 2/3 vote. The vote must be taken at the public session. See Freedom of Information Act for business allowed in closed session. Attendance is limited to members of Board/Commission and those invited to present an opinion or testimony relevant to the discussion. Those invited only attend during the time their presence is necessary. No votes are taken in executive session.
The minutes of the executive session must include the vote to go into executive session; the reason for the executive session; and the names of the person in attendance at the executive session.