Required Inspections

Under no circumstances can work begin until building and zoning permits have been issued as required.  Penalties range from $25.00 to $500.00 for each offense and each day is considered a separate offense.

Miscellaneous - any time questions may arise during construction

Footings - when foundation hole is dug and forms for footing are in place.  No concrete can be placed until this inspection has been approved

Footing drains - if installed/required - can be done at same time as inspection of waterproofing of foundation

Waterproofing of foundation

Rough-in - when house has been framed and rough electrical, plumbing and heating have been completed.  No insulating or sheetrocking can be done until this inspection has been passed.

*insulation – prior to sheetrock being placed

Temporary electrical - when temporary electrical service has been installed

Permanent service - when service cable, meter box and panel breaker have been installed.

Septic system - when required -  when system is installed but not covered over.  Do not cover any of the system until this inspection has been completed.  Sketch of system as installed drawn by the licensed installer must be submitted after the installation of the system is completed.

Certficate of occupancy - when house is complete and interior has been cleaned of all construction debris.    

The building official cannot release a certificate of occupancy until a certificate of zoning compliance is issued by the zoning enforcement officer.  

Because of scheduling requirements, inspections will require at least 24 hour notice.  This includes the certificate of zoning compliance inspection by the zoning enforcement officer

*added required inspection