Phase 1 reopening- updates and guidance

Updated 5/15/20


The Governor's documents detailing specific rules that eligible businesses falling under phase 1 of Connecticut’s reopening plans must follow amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first phase – which includes restaurants; offices; hair salons and barbershops; retail stores; and outdoor museums and zoos – is currently planned to take effect beginning May 20. The governor stressed that the decision to reopen during this phase rests with each individual business owner – they are not required to open if they do not choose, however if they do they must follow the rules as prescribed. Documents containing the rules for the first phase of reopening have been published on the state’s coronavirus website – – and are available to download directly at these links:

DECD's business self-certification site for compliance with safety guidelines is now available here.This is a mandatory step in reopening.


The Town of Stonington understands that all of the businesses and organizations in our community have been impacted by the pandemic.  The town would like to make it simple and straightforward for your business to begin operating under these new temporary rules and policies. Please see here for a short application form to submit to the town prior to May 20, 2020, or in advance of the date you choose to open, so that your business may operate under these new temporary rules and policies. To provide further clarity on changes to local zoning, please see both our PZC policy regarding zoning enforcement during COVID (which includes both our May 12th zoning changes and the Governor’s EO MM) and our Guide to temporary outdoor dining and retail.

We want your business to succeed, while we all work together to address the challenges our community is currently facing. If you have questions or need clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Stonington Zoning Office (860) 535-5095 or the First Selectman's office (860-525-5050) and we will help you connect with the right contact point as well.