Juvenile Diversion Board (JDB)

The purpose of the Juvenile Diversion Board (JDB) is to provide a community–based alternative to the juvenile Court system for resident youth, ages 17 and under, who have committed minor criminal violations of the Law within the Town of Stonington (first time offenders; class A Misdemeanor and lower) and to assist youth who have exhibited problems in the home, school and community.


The goal is to provide a plan for each child by utilizing community programs, services and other resources, which will effectively deal with the particular incident, assist in positive development and encourage responsible behavior. Since the Board’s inception in 1992, assistance has been provided to over 150 children and their families.


At-large members are members of the community who have skills and/or experience working with youth and their families. In order to preserve confidentiality, parents with children currently enrolled in the local school are ineligible to apply for membership.