Wipes Clog Pipes and No Grease in the Sink

The Stonington sanitary sewer system serves half of the homes and almost all of the many Stonington restaurants, hotels, attractions and businesses. We have seen excessive amounts of fats/oils/grease (FOG), wipes, hygiene products and other non-treatable items in out sewer pump stations and treatment plants. These items do not easily break down in water and can cause costly blockages, backups/overflows, environmental damage, equipment damage to your plumbing and the sewage treatment system. Damage to the sewage treatment system can also result in sewer rate increases for customers.


Please help us to keep Stonington safe, clean and sewer costs low by implementing the following measures:


  • Flush Only Human Waste and Toilet Paper (WIPES CLOG PIPES)
    • No- rags, wipes (even if they say “flushable”), facial tissue, Q-tips, dental floss or cat litter
    • No- feminine hygiene products (tampons, applicators and/or pads) or condoms
    • No-medications-visit the Stonington Police Station to dispose of unused and/or expired medications
  • Keep Cooking FOG (Fats/Oils/Grease) Out of the Sewer System (NO GREASE IN THE SINK)
    • Remove-grease/oil from pots and pans prior to washing and dispose of small amounts of grease/oil in your household trash
    • Recycle-large amounts of grease/oil at the Town Transfer Station

For more information on how wipes, rags, FOG and other items can cause problems with the sewer system and your plumbing, please watch the following videos or contact us at 860-535-5065.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

North Central Texas Council of Governments

Town of Hillsborough North Carolina