Curbside Collection


Taking out the trash each week is simple. But, there are a few practices you can do to make sure your waste and recycling is efficiently removed.  It is our goal to accurately serve your home each week.  A missed service pick up can be frustrating for homeowners.  Just following a few simple guidelines will ensure your containers are emptied each service day.

The Town of Stonington provides once per week curbside collection of trash and recyclables. Household trash must be placed in Stonington Yellow bags and placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m.  The yellow bags must be tied and not overweight.  You may place your yellow bags and recycling in cans or bins at the curb, but it is best if the hauler can differentiate between trash and recycling. The trucks travel somewhat in tandem and two same colored cans may suggest to the hauler there was only one type of trash put out.  You may consider spray painting a "YB" or "T" to signify yellow bags or trash and a "R" or "SSR" for recycling or single stream recycling on the side of the can for proper identification. You may also use a brown can for trash and blue for recycling.  These cans can be purchased at any home improvement store.  We do ask that the cans are not any larger than 35 gallons as the hauler does not have mechanical arm trucks.

Remember, recycling right is as easy as recycling clean bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. Plastic bags can shut down an entire recycling plant, so don't toss loose plastic bags into your curbside recycling bin and never bag your recyclables. Empty loose recyclable items directly into the bin.   Cardboard boxes should be broken down flat to save room.  On the night before pick up day, or by 6:30 am day of pick up, residents should place bins/bags at the curb.  Do not put out trash and recyclables on a non-service day. The more days these items are left at the curb, the more likely they are to be scattered.  After pickup, please remove your trash/recycling bins from the curb.

Any additional level of service (extra trash collection or back yard collection) may be provided by the individual Fire Districts or by contacting the designated trash hauler.  The Town of Stonington does not offer 'bulky' pick-up service or 'amnesty days'.  

Curbside collection of trash and recyclables is as follows:  the color-coded Town Map show collection days for the Fire Districts in the Town of Stonington; the link for Fire Districts Street List and Collection Days also has a link to an alphabetical street listing giving more detail for the Pawcatuck Fire District.

Click here to find out what day your trash gets collected and who collects it.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection
The Town of Stonington belongs to a consortium of towns for the collection of HHW.  The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule usually becomes available in March.  These dates will be posted on the home page of the Town of Stonington as well as the Solid Waste page.

There will be no curbside collection on the following days

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day - May 29, 2023 All Trash service is delayed by one day.  Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday.
  • Independence Day - July 4, 2023 - Trash service on Monday, July 3rd will be picked up as usual.  Service for the remainder of the week will be delayed by one day. Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday.
  • Labor Day - September 4, 2023 - All Trash service is delayed by one day.  Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday.
  • Thanksgiving Day - November 23, 2023- Thursday's route will be picked up on Friday (24th) and Friday's route will be picked up on Saturday (25th)
  • Christmas Day - December 25, 2023 - All Trash service is delayed by one day.  Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday.

*Mystic Fire District #4 Residents: Your Monday trash collection is sponsored  by The Mystic Fire District. If a hauler observed holiday or severe weather falls on your Monday collection day your trash will not be collected the following day. Instead, it will be picked up on your next regularly scheduled Thursday collection day.