Pay As You Throw Program

What does "Pay-As-You-Throw" mean?
"Pay-As-You-Throw" (PAYT) means you pay for only the amount of trash you throw out.  Specially marked yellow trash bags are available at stores throughout Stonington. All trash must be placed in these yellow bags or it will not be accepted. Factored into the cost of these bags will be the cost of transportation to and disposal at the Waste to Energy facility, where Stonington's trash is disposed. PAYT actually reduces trash by approximately 45-60%. PAYT programs treat trash like other utilities.  It charges residents for trash service based on how much of the service they use.  This is just like water, electricity and gas.  The money that residents spend on the bags goes to the Town to pay for trash collection and disposal.  PAYT reduces the tons of trash generated and therefore reduces disposal costs by as much as 45-60%. It also doubles curbside recycling rates and encourages reuse.

What are the Benefits of this Program?
More and more towns around the country are instituting fees for trash disposal.  User fees are the most equitable way of charging for waste disposal.  With this program, residents pay only for the garbage they produce.

  • Residents can control their costs by following various recycling tips offered throughout this website.
  • This program rewards responsible residents who do recycle.
  • The use of the yellow bags prevents Stonington from being incorrectly charged for the disposal of trash generated in another town.
  • User fee programs create an awareness of solid waste issues which leads to greater recycling and significant reductions in trash generation.

How much do the bags cost?
Bags are sold in two sizes:  33 (large) & 15 (small) gallons.  A sleeve of five (5)  33-gal. bags will cost $9.00; and a sleeve of five (5) 15-gal. bags will cost $6.00.   The cost throughout all locations is fixed and there is no tax.

How much can the bags hold?
One 33-gal. bag typically holds 35 lbs. of trash, and one 15-gal. bag holds about 20 lbs. of trash.

Where do I buy the bags?
You may purchase the Town bags at the following locations:

Stonington Town Hall (Solid Waste Dept.)
152 Elm Street, Stonington, CT

Big Y
Route 1 Mystic, CT & Poquonnock Rd. Groton, CT

Best Way Food Mart
380 Liberty Street, Pawcatuck, CT

Cash True Value Home Center
Whitehall Avenue, Mystic, CT

C Depot-Citgo
48 Stonington Road, Stonington, CT

60 South Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT

Honey Plus Convenience Store
163 South Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT

Fleming's Feed & Hardware
769 Route 1, Stonington, CT

Henney Penney
Route 2, Pawcatuck, CT and 2 Roosevelt Ave, Mystic

McQuades Marketplace
10 Clara Drive, Mystic, CT, or
106 Main Street, Westerly, RI

Stop & Shop
91 Voluntown Road, Pawcatuck, CT, or
222 Route 12, Groton, CT, or
20 Post Road, Westerly, RI

Stonington Food Mart
522 Stonington Road, Stonington, CT

Tom's News
133 Water Street, Stonington CT